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Medicating your Saturday Morning Cartoons

Okay apparently having sex with Davey will kill everyone in the band. Did I mention AFI bleeds gold sparkly-ish blood? It must be some vegan or straight edge shit I don't know about. I will admit this video is a lot better than I was expecting. When I heard Davey say they'd be in a studio I was yelling at my laptop for twenty minutes straight about how I didn't want to see AFI giving me smiles and thumbs up for four minutes while pretending to laugh about what Jade just said. Thank god that is not what they had in store.

Is this the best AFI music video? No.
Is it any good? Yes, I'd say so.
Is it anything I would have ever expected from AFI? I texted everyone I know the second I saw a panty shot.
Am I brainwashed enough to buy a Crash Love necklace if they made them? Of course I am!

Anyways judge for yourself.

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In general

I am not avoiding anyone, I do not dislike anyone and I am not trying to start anything.

A lot of things are going on that I do not wish to speak about so openly. I know I've become distant in the past few weeks. Don't take it personal but things are happening where I don't want to go out or "chill". I just want some alone time for awhile. This is public because I have several other profiles linking back to here, so I hope this explains.
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WARNING: You will never take this song off of repeat for the next week of driving. All I can say is that this cover does the song AMAZING justice despite the huge difference.
Hunter Lurkin

Oh yeah and happy birthday you tweet twit.

The fact that the new AFI songs are being finished at the Jim Henson studios has struck me to the overwelming emotions. AFI and Jim Henson Studios?

Let me just say, Jim Henson's work had a huge impact on me as a child. Follow That Bird and Muppets from Space really contributed to my comfort of being adopted. Every morning I would watch The Muppet Babies until it went off the air. I watched that movie over and over as a child anytime I felt bad. Even when I had outgrown Sesame Street, I watched it. Dinosaurs was the only television show my mom would watch with me when I was little. Labyrinth would introduce me to Bowie. Miss Piggy (credit to Frank Oz as well) is the perfect example for every young girl of what to be and what not to be. End point, EPIC.

Now AFI, if you know me there is no reason to recap this.

I HAVE HOPE, HOPE BITCHES! IT IS NOVEMBER 2ND ALL OVER AGAIN WITH AFEEE AND MUPPETS! I hope they have Camilla the Chicken doing guest vocals!

P.S. Happy Birthday Hunter, go find vegan cake and ice cream that tastes good. Then email me it's location because I hate this rice dream crap! :[
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"Hello dear, it's time. We've officially finished writing the 8th AFI album, and now we enter the studio to put it on tape. We have a fabulous producer we'll be working with, David Bottrill, who has worked on some fantastic and legendary albums by Peter Gabriel, Muse, Silverchair, Placebo, and Tool. We've spent this whole year crafting these songs and we're impatient to share them, so let's get busy. Love, Davey, Adam, Hunter, and Me"

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Okay less fried, still more crappy

I just saw the new JM video, I should have bet on my prediction. All close up shots of Andrew's head are cropped or angled in odd fashions. The setting was pretty enough on it's own, but all the edits of lightening make it look overdone, tacky and distracting. As of for the mermaid thing, what the fuck? The song is called "The Resolution", not "The Missing Purpose". Andrew has talent, it would be nice to see that he is at least met half way with those he works with. Hopefully he/his label can get their money back.