lulz (trendreject) wrote,

Medicating your Saturday Morning Cartoons

Okay apparently having sex with Davey will kill everyone in the band. Did I mention AFI bleeds gold sparkly-ish blood? It must be some vegan or straight edge shit I don't know about. I will admit this video is a lot better than I was expecting. When I heard Davey say they'd be in a studio I was yelling at my laptop for twenty minutes straight about how I didn't want to see AFI giving me smiles and thumbs up for four minutes while pretending to laugh about what Jade just said. Thank god that is not what they had in store.

Is this the best AFI music video? No.
Is it any good? Yes, I'd say so.
Is it anything I would have ever expected from AFI? I texted everyone I know the second I saw a panty shot.
Am I brainwashed enough to buy a Crash Love necklace if they made them? Of course I am!

Anyways judge for yourself.


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    I love this girl! I wish I had her confidence, she is just so darn cute. She did great on Conan too!

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    I am not avoiding anyone, I do not dislike anyone and I am not trying to start anything. A lot of things are going on that I do not wish to speak…

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    Suits, that is all.

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